The McCanns Farm

"BOB".......Bag of the Best


Here is a great chance to eat your way through the growing season in our region, as you discover when your favorite produce is harvested.


Join our convenient, nutritious, and economical BOB program.


Each week, June through October, we pack a bag for you of all the best the farm has grown. For $40 per month you will receive a weekly, grocery-sized bag of produce.


The bounty of our farm includes the following, and much more:


Strawberries * Asparagus * Lettuce * Blueberries * Cucumbers * Tomatoes

 Sweet Corn * Peaches * Apples

Eggplant * Squashes


Bags can be picked up at any market or we can start a drop off point in your area. Call or email the farm to arrange a drop off spot for your neighborhood.

Delivery available for the following neighborhoods: Clayton, Pitman, Glassboro and Elk Twp. for an additional $5 per month


We hope you will enjoy discovering the variety of all we cultivate here in the Garden State each week in you BOB bag.


BOB's diversity might be a bit limited in the first and last couple weeks of the season, but the bag will always be full.


What will be the most frequent occupant of your bag throughout the season?

What will be the most treasured?

 Come find out!

To sign up up for the season click below.  Chose to pay weekly or monthly



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